Thursday, March 28, 2013

The rear endcap is FINISHED!!  I didn't bring my camera so I drew you a picture instead:

I feel like it really captures the complexity of the task.  To be fair, I did use more rivets than pictured.

I can be enthusiastic about anything once.  I tackled the rear endcap and finished in 35 hours or so.  That included some secret and very time consuming magic that will be revealed at a later date.  When all the materials showed up, I was raring to go.  Now that I will be starting on the front end, it isn't quite so exciting.  Even though this time I know a little bit more about what I am doing, the newness of the project has worn off.  I would rather sit in the trailer and stare at what I have already done, or start a new project than do the same thing twice.  This is the story of my life.  My poor husband has had to endure hundreds of projects and hobbies that I get super excited about, perfect, then the challenge is gone and I move on to something else.  Maybe that is why the lure of the open road is so strong.  Newness all day, every day.

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