Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sheet Metal!

Things are looking a little less chaotic in the trailer as I cover all of the wiring with layers 2 and 3 of insulation.  I marked on the insulation where all of the wires ran (in red) so that I wouldn't drill into them later.  I like it.  It is like I can see in x-ray.  

The sheet metal for the inside skins came!  Thanks to my father-in-law's diligence, we were able to get these monstrously large pieces (.030 42 inches by 14 feet) for $47 each!

In case you were wondering, that is 16 pug heads wide!

I am trying to pep-talk myself into making the endcaps.  Maybe I will start this weekend.  Maybe I will do some more pep-talking.  Gulp.


  1. Hey guys! We are enjoying your blog.

    Care to share where one can find Al sheets this cheap? We need some 0.032 2024T3 sheets for our 65 Tradewind. We are willing to drive for it - we live in Detroit.

    Hope your journey is going well!

    1. I would check airpartsinc ( for the alclad you are looking for. It is definitely not cheap, but the stuff we got for the inside was not 2024 alclad. Only the front and back panels on the outside where 2024T3 and that was pricey (and from airpartsinc).

    2. Not sure if my last reply went through...

      Sorry I thought T3 meant it was temp treated. We are looking for a milled finish like yours. We checked out airports and aircraftspruce and they are a little pricey. Which vendor did you go through for your interior sheets?

      Thanks for the quick reply!

      Chad & Kir