Saturday, February 23, 2013

Where's the Beef?

Not to far from the shop lives another Airstream.  It is parked for storage at a local camp ground and every time I go past, I think happy thoughts.  Then I think about sagging air conditioners.  It looks like maybe this unit didn't originally have an AC but one was added later without bracing.  The right side of the AC dips pretty badly.
 I don't want ours to do that, so we did some beefing.  The new ribs were picked up and installed this morning!  They weren't quite what I was expecting, but they worked so who cares what they look like.  I had gotten a quote from another fab shop to make a C-channel, then bend it to the shape of the roof, which would cost $500 for three ribs.  Ouch.  This other shop just cut notches in an L-channel, bent it, then welded it to another L-channel.  This was the result:

And a little closer:

All together, this is where the extra beef went:

We took turns hanging from the opening and nothing broke, so I am fairly confident that it will hold a 100 pound air conditioner.  

Notice anything else?


Hubs is about half way finished with wiring.  All of the 120 volt is finished and a little bit of the 12 volt is done.  

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