Friday, February 15, 2013

 I am so thankful that our nostrils are at the bottoms of our noses.  Imagine how inconvenient it would be if our noses were the other way around!  Every time it rained, we would have to wear tiny zip-dee awnings to not drown.  And you know how expensive those are.

Remember my little door conundrum?

A white door on a silver trailer was not going to cut it. After a good while of sanding, I completed the lower fridge vent door and we installed it.  

Is it perfect? No, but with a little bit more elbow grease I think I can give it that mirror shine!
In other news, the first layer of insulation is complete.

We were supposed to start wiring today, but alas, the worm hole got us again.  We will need to brace the ceiling at the front of where the air conditioner will go, which is no easy task in a rounded tube.  We are having a local fab shop make some partial ribs for us, since the ribs at the front of the A/C location don't connect at the top.  That means that the wire will have to go through those ribs, so we have to wait.  Again.
The wiring diagram is finished, though, thanks to hub's dad.  The LED strip lights arrived yesterday and they will be perfect!  

More on the location for those later.
I also picked out the LED ceiling puck lights:

Pretty swanky, eh?  The lenses are heavy frosted glass and are definitely quality lights.

The shower pan made its way into the trailer for a dry fit.  I stood in it and it seemed like plenty of room.  Maybe I should wait till the walls are up to say that.

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