Saturday, January 26, 2013

This is the door knob that came with the trailer:

It creeps me out.  Those darker grey spots on the knob are pits.  Narrow, deep pits that look like the perfect place for bugs to hatch out of.  And it has no key.  The knob had to go. The only problem was that the company that makes the knob stopped producing it ages ago.  Vintage Trailer Supply found the remaining stash of knobs in Atlantis and can now sell them for $230 a pop.  
I like VTS and I understand that they need to make money selling their products...but why does it always have to be my money?  Not this time, VTS!
I found the exact lock set on ebay.  It was new old stock, meaning that it had been sitting in a box for years and years in somebody's failed airstream reno and had never been installed.  I was able to snatch it up for $150 clams and give it a good home.  That still seems pretty expensive for a door knob, but such is the life of a vintage trailer enthusiast. 

I dragged poor hubby to work today and forced him to install the two fantastic fans that have been sitting in a box since August.  I don't think I am sorry.

I spent that time cleaning and photographing old parts to sell on ebay.

Anyone want some vintage jack stands?

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