Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Not many people can say they got a toilet for Christmas, but I am among those few!  It was given an RV toilet from my in-laws (I had specifically asked for one :).  I also got another box from Vintage Trailer Supply with more needed window parts.  

Here's the progress from the last month:
All the jalousie glass is back in, along with new weather stripping and seals, and the drip cap has been riveted back on.  The scare light and running light have been cleco'ed on and all the jalousie seams have been sealed.

The airstream badge got a paint job and put back.

The front one too!  

I also have sealed many of the seams, sanded countless parts (drip caps, window frames, window cranks to name a few) although it is hard to tell and does not make for very interesting pictures.  I know what does make for interesting pictures though!


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