Thursday, January 31, 2013

I stopped at my favorite fabrication shop yesterday, had a good drool on all of the awesome metal cutters and benders and grinders, and came home with a new threshold plate and bottom piece for the door.  Thanks Fast Times!



How's that for some fancy diamond plate?  I can finally stop tripping on the linoleum as I get in!

The inside of the door is now complete:

I also installed the gasket from VTS around the door.  When I tried closing the door, I met with some resistance because the foam is so thick.  Right now the door won't latch so I will need to figure out how to solve that little hiccup.

I spent the afternoon polishing the rear rub rail and then hubs helped me install it after work.

In case you are wondering, the rub rail is the shiny strip of metal right above the bumper.

While trying to get the exterior finished, it became clear that a fridge vent door was going to be needed.  I didn't want some big plastic thing or even a metal door spray painted silver.  I wanted David Winick to come finish my trailer.

Sigh.  I looked high and low for doors like these.  I called every fab shop around but nobody had a louver die.  I saw that Inland RV had an aluminum door that was the right size, but with a nearly $40 price tag plus $30 for shipping and "handling" I was going to pass on that.  Besides, I needed two and they only had one in stock, meaning $140 all told for two doors that had neither hinges nor locks.  My father-in-law came to the rescue with two of these:

They are powder coated aluminum, so I will sand the white paint off and polish them so they will hopefully not stand out too much.  And they were $13 each.  
I can live with that.

In summary, I got good and filthy today, made a giant mess and had a pretty good day.

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