Thursday, January 24, 2013

I don't really like to show pictures of projects until they are completely done, but then this would be a blog about pugs and not Airstream progress.
That being said, here is a half finished door.
But I shouldn't really say "half" finished because I have no idea how long the rest will take me.  That is one question that gets under my skin.  "What percentage finished are you?"  How do you answer that when you don't know how far you have to go?  We have been half finished for a year now and will probably continue to be for a while yet, no matter how much we get done.

I managed to get all of the lower rear lights installed today:

A few days ago the license plate bracket got a dance with the sandblaster and then I Amish Chromed it (silver spray paint).  The license plate is a scrap I found around the shop and duct taped on so I could place everything for maximum optical pleasure.  As pleasing as a rusted license plate with duct tape can be.  While bucking the rivets for the license plate light, I managed to shatter the curved glass light cover. Oops. It has survived these fifty years intact, only to be demolished by me this afternoon. Then the bulb fell out.  Lesson learned:  Take the glass and bulb out before repeatedly ramming it with a rivet gun.  

A surprise showed up in the mail today.  Well, not really a surprise because, you know, I ordered it.  But it showed up earlier than I anticipated so it was a happy event in any case.  More on that later this weekend!

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