Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sputnik Waits...and waits

Usually silence indicates activity, not inactivity around here.  I photographed my last wedding of the season and got all my editing done, got some interesting trailer parts in, and did some blindingly boring grunt work on the trailer.

First up, a fabulous wedding in Michigan:

Next, trailer parts.  The custom light fixture for the dinette area came in.  I was blown away by the craftsmanship and am so excited to get it installed.  I have to do a little bit of wiring, since I ordered it with the wires sticking out the ends so that I could add my own type of base and have a lot more freedom when choosing which bulbs to use.  I wanted to wire it for 12 volt LED so it will take a little more work to get it functioning.  That's okay.  I like work.
Speaking of which, I called a very reputable vintage trailer restorer to get a quote on having 13 panel aluminum endcaps made up and installed because I wasn't very confident in my metalworking skills.  They quoted me a price of $4,000 for both endcaps.  Yea, that's a big portion of the trailer budget right there.  I got confident real quick.
I made these out of a very thin plywood kind of stuff that came as protective packing for something or other at the shop.  The idea is to make a solid template before cutting out the metal.  I like the way it looks, but I may go with another plan I have been hiding up my sleeve.  I have also run out of clecos (those little black stick looking things that temporarily act like rivets) so I can't go much farther with this right now.
While we are on the subject of running out of things, I would like to have a small rant now.  The glass for the windows is ready and waiting to be installed.  So why isn't it in?  Because Vintage Trailer Supply is out of glazing tape (the stuff that holds the glass to the frame) and won't be getting any in for weeks.  And they are the only place that sells it.  Grrr.  In the mean time, I have the job of scraping the old glazing off the frames. 
Sometimes I feel like my back is to the wall with VTS.  They are the only folks that sell some of the parts I need, so they can charge pretty much whatever they want.  Like these little plastic doodads for $3.45 each.  

And I need 10 of them.  That's about $30 with a discount for stupid little plastic bits that go inside the window and I will never see again.  Don't get me wrong...I have always been pleased with the quality and customer service, but when things are perpetually out of stock (ahem Nuvite) or overly expensive, I get frustrated.  
Also, it would be nice if they had exact reproductions of things instead of "it's as close as you will be able to find."  Like drip caps.  The ones they sell are coated in a heavy duty baked on white paint that is nearly impossible to get off.  So when you have a crushed drip cap, ordering a replacement comes with a ton of additional work and will never look quite right.  That's why I had a local (and awesome) fabrication shop fix the mangled front drip cap.  Shame on me for not having a "before" but picture someone taking a mallet to the corner.  It was pretty squished.  Now it looks great!
It could use a polish and then is ready to go back up!

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