Saturday, October 20, 2012

Parked in a Worm Hole

If it seems like I haven't posted in a while, you would be right.  I came down with some sort of stomach bug and wound up not leaving the house for a good while.  But, I am back among the vertical and getting small projects done on Sputnik.  

On a side note: why is it that time seems to speed up when working on Sputnik? Projects always (always) take me twice as long as I expect and at the end of two or three hours, I look back and think "Is that all I got done?"  Maybe Sputnik is parked in a very weak worm hole.

The order for the new windows has been placed, so these will be replaced with double strength glass:
In measuring for all of the roof additions, it became clear that it will be a very tight squeeze.  Between the fantastic fan vents, solar panels and air conditioner, there will be literally 2 inches left over.  This made it necessary to move the front and back vents as far as they could respectively go.  The hole left by the old skylight at the front:
had to be made longer by about eight inches...
and the back vent hole by six inches.  I made patches out of the leftover alclad and hubs helped me drill and cleco them.
Once everything is installed on the roof, none of the patches will show.  
This is what the roof looked like, and the changes we have or will make:
Do you have solar on your trailer?  How many watts are your panels and do you wish you had more/less?

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