Saturday, September 8, 2012

 Pictures, anyone?  I've got them in spades today.

First up, the crusty jalousie windows that still had their original patina (aka. colonies of microscopic photosynthesizing spores).  Yum.
Nothing a little elbow grease and windex couldn't fix. 
 I stuck some jalousie draft keeper-outer from VTS on each.  
In the same box came this:
A giant syringe labeled "for veterinary use only" that I filled with Trempro 635 in gray.  (As you inwardly groan "she's gonna talk about caulk again, isn't she").  But really. the syringe thingy helped in sealing exterior seams so much.  That and it helped me conserve the stupid special caulk that costs more than I am willing to recall right now. 
In the same shipment came this trim for the wheel wells:
 Except that it came in a straight piece that I had to cut and bend very carefully while heating it with one of these:
Now I want some creme brulee.
Here is Sputnik with landing gear down.  The stabilizer jacks have really reduced the side-to-side swaying but we still need to do something about the front-to-back sway.
The holding tanks are cleverly disguised under sheet aluminum which blends in with the rest of the pan.
 A 9 foot roll of this showed up this week:
 The alclad will replace the front and back panels as well as patch a few holes left by the old heaters.
The piece of plywood that was holding the door frame in shape finally was removed so the pugs can get in and out by themselves.
 We buck riveted the shell back on this afternoon.  I held the bucking bar while hubby used the bucking gun.  It took a little getting used to but after a few minutes we got the hang of it and had a good rhythm going.  Buck riveting is easy and fun...more so than it would seem.
 Otis having a look around:
 And getting pets whenever possible.


  1. Love the one of the stabilizers down. Definitely an atomic mid-century modern feel to that shot.

    Everything looks awesome! You've inspired me to consider some deep cleaning on my Tradewind's jalousies

  2. Thanks! How do you get the top pane of the jalousie out without bending the little metal tabs that hold it in?