Friday, August 3, 2012

More Stuff You Don't Care About...(unless you own an airstream)

Pete made another appearance at the shop today.  
So did the wet bath/shower floor!
I forget the gauge of the metal, but it is pretty substantial aluminum.  Most of it is covered in a protective film, but you can see the bottom right corner uncovered.  The crease in the middle ends at the drain so that water will go that way instead of in the direction of the toilet.  

See? There is gonna be plenty of room in there.  Enough to fit at least eleven clowns, but we will be using it mostly for bathroom kinds of things.
We also decided on our fans today and went with Fantastic Fan 6000RBTA with the smoke dome, rain sensor, reverse option and thermostat on the fan.

  One will go in the front with a small patch to cover the large skylight that was there before, and one at the rear, with the AC in the middle vent hole.  I also got some Trempro 635 and sealed the front endcap on the inside, including all of the rivets.
Wow.  Am I really talking about caulk?  I'm sorry.  Unless you are restoring your own trailer, in which case you probably find caulk fascinating.  The things we Airstream people get excited about.  

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