Friday, August 31, 2012

Many more hours were spent on the trailer today with nothing terribly exciting to show for it.  On the bright side, Murray and Otis got to lick out a Dairy Queen cup.
Once again I was relegated to reloading the pop rivet dealie while hubby took the brunt of scalding shards of metal from drilling through the main rail.  Not that I didn't enjoy the view.  (So that nobody will have lusting issues, I have taken precautions :)
The front two stabilizer jacks are on and hopefully tomorrow the back two will go on. 
Most of today was spent dealing with the holding tanks which extend three inches or so below the frame.  This made for some ahem interesting dealings with the belly pan sheet metal.  More pictures to follow!


  1. Do you seal the seam with anything before you rivet?

    1. We put butyl tape where the sheets overlapped, then taped the seams off and applied Trempro caulking.