Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ceiling Sealing

Most of the seams have been sealed from the inside with Trempro 635, so here is what the inside is looking like these days. 

I stumbled across something that removes that black tarry stuff on the encaps very quickly.  Heavy duty citrus degreaser.  I used the cheap stuff in the spray bottle first, but it ran out the seams on the exterior and the orange dye in it caused some orange streaks in the metal.  I think I can polish them out, but why is it necessary to put orange dye in it just because it has "citrus" in the title?  Maybe the manufacturer thought they could fool people into thinking it really has oranges in it...
I ditched that stuff and used Sprayon citrus degreaser.  

It works really well, but is awful to be breathing, so I removed only the black gunk on the seams instead of worrying about those large patches of black. This stuff also gets the black polishing residue off the skin much more quickly than mineral spirits.  It leaves smudges, but that can be taken out in the final cyclo polishing step.

The big shell-back-on day is scheduled for tomorrow!  We are expecting it to be a giant headache, but as long as the shell doesn't fall or crumple or self-destruct, I am willing to put up with a few hours of fighting with it.

Our Fantastic-Fans came this week!  

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