Monday, June 18, 2012

New J-Channel

With the newly bent J-channel waiting for me at the shop, I made the curves with a pair of tin snips.  This turned out to be very easy.  Not sure why I was so afraid of making new j-channel.  
After filling the cracks between plywood pieces and over the screw heads with wood filler, I sanded (with a belt sander, otherwise it would have taken forever) everything smooth, swept and then wiped it (somewhat) clean with a damp cloth. 
Back up a few days.  To add support to the plywood step, we added two steel angle brackets.  One right on the edge and one six inches or so back, with a layer of aluminum to protect the underside of the plywood from water and dirt, since the belly pan will not cover it.  Both kinds of metal are painted to prevent rust.
I kept thinking of all the stepping that would happen in that one spot and decided it needed to be reinforced to prevent the plywood from sagging later on.
Back to today. The holes for the toilet and shower were drilled, then the new flooring went on.

 That's good lookin!
Otis tested it out and it matches the pugs perfectly.  If you are wondering why Otis looks like he is melting, it is because I made him come out of the air conditioned office and into the boiling shop to pose for me.  A high of 93 today with 700% humidity. 
 I went with my FIL (father-in-law) to a metal shop today to see if they could create a custom shower pan for the bathroom.  It will cover the entire bathroom floor (making it a wet bath) and is kind of an odd shape, since the wheel well intrudes into the bathroom by about seven inches. 

The shower pan is about 3 weeks away and there is so much to do in order to be ready for it.  Tomorrow, I insulate the under side of the floor, screw down the j-channel and then go to Dairy Queen for their "happy hour" slushy special. 

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