Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Real Reason I Wanted an Airstream

As usual, what should have taken one week has taken three.  The black and gray tanks finally came in, after our order was screwed up and the manufacturer made them 6 inches too deep.  Hubs and I drove about an hour north to find this out, and hour back, and then had to wait an extra week.  But at last, they are here! And thanks to my FIL's awesome connections to the underworld of RV manufacturing, they came in at around $100 for both!

They won't hold the Nile, but they will fit in the spaces between the main rails and cross members, while not sticking out below the belly pan.  

We got the waterproofed plywood all screwed down and the wheel wells (coated with rubberized sealant) in place.  
Note:  be sure the old holes in the wheel wells line up perfectly with the old holes in the outriggers, otherwise your rivet holes won't line up and by the time you discover this, it will be much too late because you will have put the shell back on.

The layout of the bathroom has slightly changed and we will be moving the toilet vent to the other side of the bathroom.  Thanks to parts already at the shop, here is a rough visual of what will be happening with the bathroom.  The door is going to be 18" wide, as shown by the tape measure on the ground.  Is this too tight a fit?  The bathroom won't exactly be spacious.  I mean, this is camping after all.  I'm just glad I don't have to grab a shovel and head for the woods! (my main motivation for starting this whole Airstream project in the first place!  Hubs wanted a road trip with lots of hiking/backpacking and I said Okay, but I am not living in a tent.  There will be a shower and a toilet.  The woods do not count.)

The question now is...Do we
1. Use a molded plastic shower pan (like the one pictured, except smaller and white)
2.  Hire somebody to make a shower pan out of stainless steel, or
3.  Make a tile shower pan (out of penny rounds) like here, except not do it on the walls too.

Do you know anybody who makes custom sized metal shower pans? 

Tomorrow (if all goes well) the vinyl floor goes on!  Hooray for putting things back together!

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