Friday, June 29, 2012


I know what you are thinking.  
I don't really have a good explanation, other than it was really really hot in the shop and I had been under a trailer insulating all day.  Sweltering, delirious silliness was bound to happen. Yesterday broke the record for the hottest day since 1954.  103 or so.  Good grief! 
As you can see from the above picture, we bought Prodex insulation.  With a claimed R-value of 15.6 for one layer and 21 for two layers and waterproof-ness (it's a word, right?) Prodex seemed the way to go.  Since is the only company that sells the stuff, I had to buy it from them.  Believe me, if there had been another way, I would have purchased it elsewhere.  Having looked all over the web for reviews, the Prodex consistently was rated well but the customer service was terrible.  I decided to do an experiment.  Since the company was having a buy one-get one sale that was worded poorly and overall very confusing, I decided to call them and get some clarification.  The notoriously rude owner (Jonathan Barber) picked up and I hadn't gotten half a sentence out before he interrupted me and chided me for not looking at the website.  I actually had some questions about the Prodex itself but he brushed me off and curtly hung up.  He failed my experiment miserably.  
Grudgingly I ordered two rolls of it, and hoped that they would show up without any issues.

As for the Prodex itself, it was easy to work with, easy to cut and I think it will do a good job of keeping the trailer warm and cool as needed. 

Two layers went on the underside:
 The gray and black tanks were both installed...
and will have at least one layer of insulation covering them. 
The pugs got to stay in the air conditioned office and were glad for it, but after having gotten up at 6:30 and "working" all day, they were ready for a good nap.  

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