Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Floor is Complete!

It was another scorcher in the shop today with no AC, but I would rather be sweating and getting work done than sitting at home in the air conditioning thinking about all that I am not getting done. 
All of the channel is screwed down and each screw head is covered in silicone to prevent leaks and/or condensation from soaking into the holes and rotting the wood underneath.
Next, I added four plastic drains (one on each curve) and sealed off any gaps in the channel.  

This way, if the outer shell ever does spring a leak, the water will flow down these tubes and out of the belly pan.  

I haven't decided whether to add a flexible tube that would come out the bottom of the drain and send the water out a service panel on the bottom.

Speaking of the bottom, this was my view for the last part of the afternoon.
Most of it was spent on my back on a wheeled thing made for scooting under cars.  I measured for the Styrofoam insulation and hubby cut it to size on the table saw. My job for tomorrow will be to glue and tape it in there, then add a layer of fiberglass insulation.  We are using the Styrofoam for its sound barrier qualities, and the fiberglass for its R-value.  I may decide against the fiberglass in favor of some kind of foil bubble insulation.  Suppose I need to do some more research.

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