Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Nose Job for Murray

Poor Murray.  He had a lump on his little nose.  

He took a trip to the vet today to have it removed.  Thank God it turned out to NOT be cancerous and was fixed by the surgery!

Now Murray has stitches in his face and has to wear a cone.  He gets some pretty powerful pain meds that make him really droopy, so at least he shouldn't feel too bad.

I spent the day at the shop trying to be busy to keep from fretting.  I don't think it worked, but I got some stuff done, starting with finishing the paint job.

When we first painted the wheels, I realized that the paint was definitely the wrong color.

Sky Blue.  Blech.

I took the paint back to Napa and they kindly put a few squirts of green in it.

Much better!  The portawalls are installed with new tires, the wheels have been balanced and now we are getting ready to put the 'stream back together. 

A side note for anybody using POR-15 to paint their chassis.  It is sensitive to UV light, so any exposed parts must be painted over.  FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!  That stuff is as tough as nails, and in order for any paint to stick to it, you must sand it before painting.  We didn't and all the teal paint came off in sheets with the least of effort.  We peeled it all off, sanded and started over.  

I also attacked the nasty yellow glue that was trying unsuccessfully to hold the door seal on.  I used a product called Goof Off which ate through my rubber gloves in seconds, but took care of the glue without any problem.  

After polishing with Nuvite it looked much better.

Here is where I need your help if you have ever polished an Airstream.

No matter what I do, I can't get that haze to go away. Nuvite S actually seems to make it worse!  I used Nuvite C, then S, then wiped it away with a microfiber cloth.  Mineral Spirits made it much, much hazier and would not wipe off.  What am I doing wrong?

Please help before I lose my Nuvite-soaked mind!

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  1. I love that greeny blue color. Looks great!