Thursday, April 5, 2012

Portawalls and Baby Moons

With the horrors of last weekend over with (including the vaccine-induced seizure that Murray had), things are moving along with the Airstream.  The new Armstrong flooring arrived, as well as the baby moon hubcaps and portawalls.

For those that don't know, portawalls are rubber inserts that go between the tire and wheel to give the look of an authentic white wall tire.  Since I couldn't find trailer tires with white walls, and was unwilling to make hillbilly white walls,  I opted for this relatively inexpensive version of classic wide white walls.  I have no idea how they will hold up over time, but I figured that if we had a blowout or ruined a tire somehow, it wouldn't be $250 down the drain (for a real white wall).  We could replace the tire anywhere, stick the portawall back on and keep going.

We also chose the wheel, tongue and bumper color.  We picked it out of an old color catalog at Napa.  It was originally used for 1963 Cadillacs.

I was hoping for a nice mint green and my other half (who was paying the bill) wanted something more blue.  So we compromised and are both unhappy.
But really, I think the color is growing on me.  

The new step came in at the shop and wouldn't you know it.  The manufacturer gave it to us for free.  I am beginning to wonder how anybody is making money with the free parts we have been getting, but I won't look a gift-salesman in the mouth.  

My burned out polisher found it's way back to the shop and since it was still under warranty, repairs guessed it...FREE!  

What wasn't free were the leveler jacks that will be welded on to the chassis, but I think they were something like $16/pair.  Or each.  I won't know till the bill comes.  

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