Friday, April 20, 2012

Confessions of a Cupcake Lover

Dieting sucks.  The first few days, all I could think about were cupcakes.   
"I should fold the stuff in the dryer.  White cupcake with white frosting.  Wow, is it only 10:30? Three pink cupcakes and a glass of milk.  Doughnut."
I felt like an addict. 
The plan was to eat only things that were recognizably food.  Bread doesn't sprout from the ground, so that was out, along with all wheat products.  Sugar is also not a food, so none of that.  No store-bought fruit juice either.  I could have all of the vegetables I could fit in my face, pretty much any fruit I wanted and small portions of meat, fish and dairy.
On Sunday, the new sale flyers come out for the local groceries.  Page one:  Oreo's, ice cream cake, cake mix, icing, frozen waffles...
Maybe better luck on page two.
No?  Okay, how about I just toss this thing.
By day four, I was delusional.  I looked at a Twinkie and actually thought "that looks good!"

I knew that if I told myself "no soda, no bread and no cupcakes again ever" I would fail miserably.  Saturdays became "eat what you want within reason" day.

Here it is a few weeks later and I feel much healthier.  I have lost a few pounds and am at that annoying place where all my clothes are too big, but I don't want to have to buy my entire wardrobe the next size down.

If you love cupcakes the way a fat kid..loves....cupcakes.  Okay, bad analogy.  If you are a bakedgoodsaholic and trying to quit, this drink may get you through.

6 frozen strawberries
1 banana
1 cup Milk
1 tbs or so Honey
dash of Vanilla Extract
Two fistfulls of fresh spinach

Combine in a blender until everything is smooth and green.  Drink.  I know it looks gross and you are thinking "Grody! I hate fresh spinach!" Good for you.  I hate it too.  But you can't taste it at all and this shake is delicious.  One of these and you will be so full, the thought of anything else in your stomach will pry your hands off that container of brownies. 

Once your stomach figures out that the shake contained mostly air, it is an hour later and you already have baked sweet potato wedges with sea salt and pepper coming out of the oven.  Or a bowl of garbanzo beans with homemade salad dressing at the ready.


After about three weeks, sweets on Saturdays start to taste different.  Not quite so good anymore.  In fact, they taste kinda fake.  My brain is saying "this is not real food! What I could really go for is a can of garbanzo beans."

This is not to say that I am cured of my love of cupcakes, but my taste buds are slowly becoming disillusioned with sugar.  The thought of fast food makes me sick.  My arteries feel not so clogged.  I am losing weight!  I haven't counted a single calorie or eaten anything that tastes like cardboard!

Goodbye Cupcakes!

Check out for some wonderful monotony breaking recipes.

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