Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Slowly (and expensively) but surely!

To bring you up to date:  we got the chassis back from the welder, fixed up and looking solid for a measly $198.  Two whole dollars under the quoted price!  This included three new crossmembers, fixing the bumper, outriggers, and a new plate on the front, not to mention a bunch of little welds that needed to happen. 

The West System epoxy set showed up and I got busy on that today.

Our new axle was delivered today!

Maybe I am just being optimistic, but it seems beefier than the old one.  Oh!  And the nice salesman from the axle company gave us (that's right....free!) two yellow shocks!  

The new flooring has also been ordered and will probably be here this week:

In other news, the motor for my DeWalt polisher burned out, so it got picked up yesterday to be fixed. 

 No more polishing for the week.  I'm not sure if I am happy or sad about that...

We are having unseasonably beautiful weather around these parts, so we got to try out the SeaEagle inflatable kayak we got for Christmas. 

 So far, we really like it.  I think it would be too small and tippy to fit the pugs, but it is so nice to have a boat that we can fold up and fit in the trunk!  It comes with a super awesome foot pump, so no hyperventilating is required!  It is a perfect little boat to paddle about the lakes of our national parks or just drift around and sun in. 

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