Friday, March 9, 2012


I think I may have found flooring for the airstream:

This is Woodbine Windmill from Armstrong flooring, in sheet vinyl.  

In person it looks pretty sharp.  Next to the aluminum, it is beautiful.    I thought about dark floors like we have in our house, but then realized that while 2,000 sq feet of dog hair on the floor is kind of a pain, 154 sq feet with the same amount of dog hair would be intolerable.  This time we pick the the decor to match the dogs.  Now that I say it, that is pretty pathetic.

Another flooring contender is Konecto's Prestige Mist:

Unlike the Armstrong stuff, this is a vinyl plank with overlapping seams underneath that bond together.  This also matches the pugs, and has more texture than the Armstrong vinyl.  It is also twice the price. I was quoted $800 (on sale!!!) from the floor place nearby. Then (oh internet, how I love thee!) I found it online for $3.09.  Still, that comes in at $475.  We will see what the Armstrong price is.  So far, here is the palate:
I know it seems a little bland at the moment, but all of the inside walls will be reflective, so if I feel like changing the color I will just add a pillow and all the walls will be that color.


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