Wednesday, February 8, 2012


 I started sandblasting today.  Let's just say this is not my most attractive look.

It was 35 degrees and windy (wind chill of 25) so I was wearing several sweaters, Mr. Aluminum's coat, and a big blanket as I blasted away. 
 It is amazing what that little machine can do!

Look at that bumper shine!  Or at least not have crud on it.


  1. I just found your blog through airstream forums. I am loving it. We just started to renovate our new-to-us 1966 30' Sovereign. What type of sandblaster did you use and how many lbs of pressure?

    1. Good for you, Grant! Looks like a great trailer and you house is beautiful, so I am sure your Airstream will turn out beautifully!

      We borrowed a small blaster from a family member, and I don't think it had a lbs of pressure gauge or anything. It was a cheap thing that we hooked up to the shop's industrial air compressor, so it got the job done. Sorry I can't give you more of a definitive answer than that!!