Thursday, December 29, 2011

Good and ready for some "after" pictures...

Just before Christmas, Mr. Aluminum took all of the drip caps off so I could keep plugging with the polishing.  Underneath was all sorts of heavy-duty corrosion that I could only get off with sand paper.

It is still not perfect, but Mr. Aluminum keeps reminding me that the trailer is 50 years old after all, and the drip caps cover most of that stuff anyway.  

The jalousie glass has been removed and I am working on getting the metal brackets out.

The inside is looking pretty bare these days, except for the piles of tools that find their way in.

Just look at that red "church" carpet.  (I have never seen that kind or color of carpet except in churches.)

Westerns have been in short supply lately, so the pugs are giving me moral support instead of watching TV.

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